Friday, August 17, 2012

Shareeka-Only Lollywood Film On This Eid

Pakistanis love to spend their most festive day of Eid in cinemas, watching some latest released film which this year is going to be a Punjabi flick Shareeka by none other than the film maestro Sayyad Noor.
There had been a time when a number of Lollywood movies grabbed a bigger crowd of film maniacs in cinemas on Eid days. But unfortunately, with the Pakistan’s cinema facing crisis day by day, the viewership turnedto Bollywood movies and those who wanted to watch a Lollywood flick just waited for revival of Pakistani cinema.
Now the time has come, when number of directors and artists are putting their best to revive Pakistan’s film industry by bringing good movie subjects forviewers. Well! Many films are yet to come, but what about a juicy crunchy Lollywood masala hittingthe cinemas on Eid? Yes, this time the Punjabi film Shareeka, marked as Sayyad Noor’s comeback, will be released on Eid.
The film Shareeka includes an A-rated star cast such as Shaan, Saima, Mustafa Qureshi and Irfan Khoosat who will definitely bringa spark in movie. It is based on the joint family system and the endless issues belonging to it as the traditional living system in Pakistan. Hope the film will go good at box office.

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